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The state of New Mexico refers to me as Mario Chavez, inmate 65079. In August of 2004 the state charged me with first degree murder, armed robbery and several counts of tampering with evidence. In 2006 a jury found me guilty of all charges and the honorable Richard Knowles sentenced me to life plus 25 years.

Here’s the problem: I didn’t kill anyone. I was denied my constitutional rights to a fair trial – Denied my right to confront my accuser in court

The reason that I’m even writing or talking about this isn’t just because the state’s judicial system is systematically denying me justice, it’s because I’m not the only one. 

Wrongful convictions by most estimates are at 4 percent. And with about a million felony convictions in the U.S. each year, that means that for the last 16 years of me being wrongfully incarcerated, 640,000 men and women have likewise been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to prison. And less than one-half of one percent get exonerated each year.

MYLIFEplus25 is both my experience and my voice, calling for action and solidarity in my fight for freedom.

Please visit here to review my case evidence and legal documents

If you want to contribute to bring and end to the governmental misconduct that leads to wrongful convictions, please visit this link to sign my petition.

MyLifeplus25 is what has happened. It can’t unhappen. It can change but it can’t unhappen. My dreams and aspirations will forever be shaped by this experience, this injustice. And that’s how it should be. Because activism is the outcome of oppression and tyranny, and what it really is, is love taking form. And my voice is that form, that action.

If my voice means that I die in this cage because appellate judges dig in their heels, so as to save the careers and reputations of their colleagues from years past, so be it. Because at the of the day my voice will spark a change and ignite a fire that will save other lives by the tens, hundreds, or even thousands. And if that happens, if the next appellate court chooses to ignore the constitutional infirmity of my conviction, ignoring their oath to the Constitution, then let them do so while the whole world is watching.

18 Years Wrongfully Convicted

Sentenced To Life-Plus-Twenty-Five For A Crime He Didn’t Commit.  Follow the heart-wrenching struggle of a man who fights for his freedom after 18 years of being wrongfully incarcerated.

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