As previously stated on our Mission page, we are seeking courageous individuals who, like us, are willing to speak truth to power in demanding exactly what Jack Smith (special counsel appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to oversee the Trump investigation) has said, that “we have one set of laws in this country — and they apply to everyone.”

If you agree, then your involvement is most welcome. We are seeking strong voices and ideas for bringing the egregious constitutional violations currently being ignored by the federal judiciary to the forefront of public awareness and dialogue. Our purpose is twofold: pursue justice; and, inspire action both legislatively and judicially to prevent future prosecutors and courts from pursuing convictions outside the parameters of the Constitution. Because if there truly is “one set of laws” and they apply to everyone, then that should be apparent.

We believe that change in any society is possible, even probable, given that the population in question has the right incentives. And the incentive here is clear: either the Rule of Law exists or it doesn’t.

The facts of this case are clear: extraordinary prosecutorial tactics were used to bring about a criminal conviction, where the only direct evidence of guilt was a self-serving accusation of a suspect that was never passed through the “crucible of cross-examination” guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment.

There is a term for this and it’s called “prosecutorial misconduct” and according to the Bureau of Justice it is a major cause of wrongful convictions in this country. Precisely because there is little to no oversight and even less consequences for this kind of behavior. And we intend to bring this reality to the forefront of public awareness through a documentary film.

Please contact us if you are an advocate or otherwise believe you can help: If you wish to contact Mario Chávez directly, please do so at [email protected].

You can also write him at:                            

Mario Chávez, 65079

℅ Securus Digital Mail Center,

NMCD P.O. Box 25397

Tampa, FL 33622

If you wish to reach out to Mario’s attorney, Jason Bowles, he can be contacted through his website, email, or by telephone.

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