I appreciate your interest in supporting me in my fight for justice and freedom. It has been a long road in getting to this point where I’m finally able to speak with the world about the injustices of my conviction. As I have said, by most estimates four percent of all felony convictions in the U.S. are wrongful. And the challenges that a man or woman who is wrongfully convicted faces are immense.

Many of us are indigent and uneducated, most struggle with drug addiction or depression. We live under a tyrannical regime of xenophobia and racism, and for many it’s hard to focus on their innocence when their day to day priority is survival. I understand these struggles better than most.

While I appreciate your willingness to click on a donate button and give what you can, it’s important for me that you understand what I’m aiming for. And, likewise, it’s important for you to know what your dollars are buying.

Obviously, legal fees continue to rise. It’s not just about having found a lawyer who believes in me and is willing to put his firm and experience behind me. It’s about providing his firm with the resources that they need to bring us to a plane of justice. This means investigative and media services. All of which is expensive.

My efforts thus far have included the self-publishing of two novels. I am also publishing weekly essays, autobiographical opinion pieces, on Substack that are available through subscription for $5 a month (or for free for those who can’t afford to support me at this time). And I’m releasing weekly episodes on my podcast where I address your questions about my innocence, my life, or whatever else you might want to ask me about.

We are also looking to produce a documentary on my case. Because making people aware of an injustice is crucial to bringing about change. And, because these investigative and media efforts are so expensive a paid subscription to my weekly content is a huge help, just as sending a few bucks through PayPal helps, too. But if you’re not in a position to donate with funds, you can always donate with your time by helping to get the word out. Or, send me a question for my podcast. You can reach me at [email protected]

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